Annoucing the First M*A*S*H Competition!

In case you haven’t heard the word yet we are officially having our first homebrew competition! It’ll be fully BJCP sanction so judges will earn points and winners will get real recognition. For our first time out we’re restricting entries to the club only and a few styles only. What this really means is that it will drastically increase your chances of winning!

Here are the styles:

  • 6A Cream Ale
  • 6B Blonde Ale
  • 6C Kolsch
  • 6D American Wheat or Rye Beer
  • 8A Standard/Ordinary Bitter
  • 10A American Pale Ale
  • 15A Weizen/Weissbier
  • 16A Witbier
  • 16C Saison

The competition will be held out at Cellar Dweller on Saturday July 26th. We still need judges and stewards so please sign up for that. If you haven’t judged then please steward and if you haven’t done either you’re missing out!

If you haven’t entered yet (to judge or be judged) head over to now and sign up!  Enter early and enter often. If you don’t have brews to enter yet, then head up to the store and get brewing!

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